Freebase, the dragons chase, off my face

Golden brown, the family frowns, feeling down

Heroin, sell everything, eating food from a wheelie bin

Crack, smack, can’t get this monkey off my back

LSD, Ecstasy, THC, GHB – that’s right fantasy

Nitrazipam, Temazipam, wham bam thank you mam

Have a dig, light a cig, and avoid a pig

Roll a joint, oh what’s the point? My lungs to anoint

Can’t find a vein, going insane, fixing cocaine

Amphetamine labs, corner shop tabs, rehabs

Methadone, monies all blown, I’ll never take Naltrexone

Drug dealing, good feeling, seems quite appealing

Lots of cash, lost the stash, there’s always a lack of ash!

Sharing pins, forgive my sins, in the end no one wins

Enjoy a toot, or even a boot, and then come down without a parachute

Plug the gear, have a beer, the police are here

Rob a bank, have a crank, is there anyone left to scank?

Score a bag, have some scag, I’m just one of life’s old lags

Gear fumes, favorite spoons, the rattle will be here soon

Feeling rough, had enough? No, I just need some more stuff

Hep C, HIV, is this the way life is meant to be?

Off my head, smoking bread, no doubt I’ll soon be dead

Diconal and peach Palfium, injecting drugs out of someone else’s bum

Codeine, morphine, I prefer the opium dream

Welcome to my drug scene!






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