I bet you thought I’d died didn’t you?

October 8, 2007 at 6:07 am (Daily Life)

Another Gay Junkie bites the dust! No Not quite, I’m the one who always stays to miss everyone else, the one with the most emotional turmoil. Lets face it Those who die have it easy don’t they – no longer do they have to worry again or fight this fucking addiction every day and then kick yourself when you fail. I have been using every day and drinking, not loads but it has made me depressed and not really wanting to do anything apart from watch movies I’ve downloaded. I’ve stopped buying art and moved onto buying parts for the supercomputer I’m building. I’ve really skint myself too. Well whats the point in building a supercomputer if you could just buy one in the shops anyway. so I have a great motherboard, with 7 x SATAII 3.0 inputsand an e-sata output on the back plate for those SATAII external drives, a SATAII DVD rw, a Phillips DVD rw with lightscribe, 8 GB RAM, an Intel Core 2 QX6700 (A quad core processor) which I should be able to over-clock using water cooling to about 3.3GHZ per core. It will also boast of 2 terabytes of hard disk space too. I decided to go for the crossfire 2 x PCI express 3D graphics cards setup just to see how it’s done really. It is all going to be placed in a wonderful all aluminum case which I got for £26 including postage on eBay – I wish I had more money because the guy had 4 in total and they are really good quality. I’ve found some great places to buy good quality parts at great prices so I may start a full time business building top end machines – we’ll have to see.

Neighbough upstairs goes to court today – it’s 50/50 if he goes down! Got no food in flat – at all. Oh yes I did get one last painting before I stopped I couldn’t believe I’d won it so cheap only £12.50 here it is – this is the image the surhan & Murat use for their headed paper; It’s called “Solitude”

solitude by surhan and murat


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