What a mad weekend!!!

September 16, 2007 at 6:49 pm (Daily Life)

My neighbor upstairs – Adriano went mad on Friday. He set fire to a shop he was helping to clear out, then he went round his ex girlfriend and assaulted her young son with a golf club and smashed up the car of one of her friends. He then came home and I went out. When I came back  he had been arrested and he had completely smashed all the banisters and the antique spindles that help it up on all three floors – causing more than £2000 worth of damage.

He is up in court tomorrow for all of these offenses and I think it will be a 50% chance if he gets bail or not.  The landlord is evicting him anyway. I’m glad he will eventually be moving out of here because his drug using was out of control and really starting to affect me.

I’ve decided to build a computer for myself, a top of the range one with top parts. core 2 quad processor, Thermaltake case etc. I’m really looking forward to this project.


1 Comment

  1. paulo said,

    So, what happened to Adriano?????????????

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