Another day, another artist for a Gay Junkie

September 14, 2007 at 12:50 pm (Daily Life)

Sorry I just had to put Gay Junkie in the title because Google likes to see your key words every now and again and I need to keep at the top of the ratings you know. I havn’t used in two days again apart from the Meth, It looks very promising because both people I usually scored from have stopped. Well one was busted and found with a large sum of money not drugs! You see if your on income support and you have thousands of pounds lying about with no good reason for having it it amounts to the same thing; almost. Anyway I could no longer get a vein, I was asking my neighbor to inject me in my neck so it’s long over due that I stopped.

I found a new artist who has allot of talent,His Name is David Anthony Magitis, perhaps not as much feeling as Fabio but interesting all the same. Below is an example – appropriate don’t you think?

baby syringe

I just couldn’t resist adding a couple more – he is a very prolific artist, as you will see from his web site. This one below is currently on eBay at a very low starting bid of $20 and as he resides in the UK postage isn’t a big issue, for me anyway.

goth angels

One final one for today but before I go I have been working on my web sites the hosting company ones cyb3r hosts
I’ve almost finished the Dot Net site and even managed to put a Java link in the Supesite.  I have still got to put the fantastic hosting prices up but it’s looking cool so far. I’m going to offer to install WordPress scripts and content management scripts for free and give away a free domain name with every yearly account. I have also started work on the Plymouth Pride Forum’s new web site…..busy busy busy… and all this DESPITE an addiction.



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