Internet Diazepam!

September 9, 2007 at 5:07 am (Daily Life)

I’ve had a few problems with the guy upstairs again banging on the door wanting things – namely money to buy drugs. It’s hard when your trying to stop using to have a neighbor trying to encourage you. Not that I need much encouragement! I bought 20 yellow Valium on Friday night…they’re Internet ones, so are very unpredictable. These ones just make you sleep just one 5ml which is what these are, will knock you out. so I haven’t been awake much over the last couple of days…what a fucking waist of life.

Anyway the guy upstairs gets a large loan from the social next week so wont be bothering me. When he does I usually don’t answer the door. letting him bang away. He always wants something, never comes round for a chat not that I would let him in because he always steals from me… without exception.

On a lighter note – I bought some domains they are:


I intend to use then as I build up my portfolio of web sites. I am just about to go and get another to do with Christmas for the gift shop.


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