September 5, 2007 at 9:49 pm (Daily Life)

I have just finished watching a program on BBC 4 called Consenting Adults. This was a drama about The Wolfenden Committee who produced a report which ultimately lead to the relaxation of law surrounding homosexuality. The law in England and Wales changed in 1967 to allow men aged 21 (consenting adults) to have sex in private and behind closed doors. The law has only just changed to include men aged 16.

When I first came out and had sex I was breaking the law because I was 17 and the law said it was illegal until I was 21! I remember having to lie about my age. It turned out quite amusing for me because I ended up having two 21st birthday parties because of this law. One for my friends and one, a year later, for my family. For some though, it meant going to prison. In allot of ways it is similar to the laws on using drugs. I mean, if I wish to use – as long as I’m not encouraging others to do the same, then this decision should be mine. There are far too many laws in this country….laws which don’t work, laws that people take NO notice of.

Fuck off PC – stop crashing… I had to reinstall XP this morning – lost all settings and still it plays up! I have been using but that isn’t making the fucking pc crash. Aaaaaaggggghhh. I am geting sooo close to the edge  – not a gouch more like an OD!!!!


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