Super PC

October 28, 2007 at 6:52 pm (Daily Life)

The super PC I’ve been building is almost finished, I’ve just got the hard drives to fit in. I’ve already fired him up and he’s working great. The nights are drawing in so that means I won’t feel guilty staying in on my computer.

Been working on the Plymouth Prides Forum web site re-design; I’ve finished the public forum part of the site have a look.

I bought another on Serhan & Murat’s drawings called the wickeds   – it’s a little bit surreal but I love it. sorry can’t show it because of it’s adult content.


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I bet you thought I’d died didn’t you?

October 8, 2007 at 6:07 am (Daily Life)

Another Gay Junkie bites the dust! No Not quite, I’m the one who always stays to miss everyone else, the one with the most emotional turmoil. Lets face it Those who die have it easy don’t they – no longer do they have to worry again or fight this fucking addiction every day and then kick yourself when you fail. I have been using every day and drinking, not loads but it has made me depressed and not really wanting to do anything apart from watch movies I’ve downloaded. I’ve stopped buying art and moved onto buying parts for the supercomputer I’m building. I’ve really skint myself too. Well whats the point in building a supercomputer if you could just buy one in the shops anyway. so I have a great motherboard, with 7 x SATAII 3.0 inputsand an e-sata output on the back plate for those SATAII external drives, a SATAII DVD rw, a Phillips DVD rw with lightscribe, 8 GB RAM, an Intel Core 2 QX6700 (A quad core processor) which I should be able to over-clock using water cooling to about 3.3GHZ per core. It will also boast of 2 terabytes of hard disk space too. I decided to go for the crossfire 2 x PCI express 3D graphics cards setup just to see how it’s done really. It is all going to be placed in a wonderful all aluminum case which I got for £26 including postage on eBay – I wish I had more money because the guy had 4 in total and they are really good quality. I’ve found some great places to buy good quality parts at great prices so I may start a full time business building top end machines – we’ll have to see.

Neighbough upstairs goes to court today – it’s 50/50 if he goes down! Got no food in flat – at all. Oh yes I did get one last painting before I stopped I couldn’t believe I’d won it so cheap only £12.50 here it is – this is the image the surhan & Murat use for their headed paper; It’s called “Solitude”

solitude by surhan and murat

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I have been getting on with life (NOT)

September 28, 2007 at 3:00 pm (Daily Life)

I haven’t written for a few days and thats because I have been using and not feeling well either. I haven’t been using loads only about £5 – £10 a day but it has been every day. The guy upstairs got bail and the land lord had to let him back here by law. He is still getting evicted but it will take some time – maybe a couple of months.

Anyway he wanted to use my phone to phone a dealer – even though he’s got his own phone and he got £769 off the income support on Monday. We fell out big time I told him to fuck off and why doesn’t he wreck the rest of the house. He called me a queer cunt – which I could have called the police on because it is hate crime after all. We don’t speak at all now which is great.

On another subject I am building a super computer for myself with bits bought from Ebay. a “Core 2 Extreme QX6700 CPU” which means it has 4 cpu’s in one single chip. I’m going for SATAII for DVD RW and the  SATAII hard discs, 2 terabyte should suffice. 8gb Ram, e sata at the rear too. lightscribe DVD  and Blue Ray. Then I’m going to sell my cheap core duo. I have no money to buy things with though, I’ll just have to buy a piece at a time. So far I’ve got the case(beautiful aluminum) 1gb Ram, motherboard, 500w power supply. SATA DVD rw, screws and leads. on Monday I have another motherboard and a great Graphics card to pay for. I also have a terabyte of SATAII hard disk in my old computer. Just need more RAM and the processor. The reason I bought 2 motherboards is because one was sold to me as spair or repair and even though I’ve already found the fault I wanted to be sure.

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What a mad weekend!!!

September 16, 2007 at 6:49 pm (Daily Life)

My neighbor upstairs – Adriano went mad on Friday. He set fire to a shop he was helping to clear out, then he went round his ex girlfriend and assaulted her young son with a golf club and smashed up the car of one of her friends. He then came home and I went out. When I came back  he had been arrested and he had completely smashed all the banisters and the antique spindles that help it up on all three floors – causing more than £2000 worth of damage.

He is up in court tomorrow for all of these offenses and I think it will be a 50% chance if he gets bail or not.  The landlord is evicting him anyway. I’m glad he will eventually be moving out of here because his drug using was out of control and really starting to affect me.

I’ve decided to build a computer for myself, a top of the range one with top parts. core 2 quad processor, Thermaltake case etc. I’m really looking forward to this project.

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Another day, another artist for a Gay Junkie

September 14, 2007 at 12:50 pm (Daily Life)

Sorry I just had to put Gay Junkie in the title because Google likes to see your key words every now and again and I need to keep at the top of the ratings you know. I havn’t used in two days again apart from the Meth, It looks very promising because both people I usually scored from have stopped. Well one was busted and found with a large sum of money not drugs! You see if your on income support and you have thousands of pounds lying about with no good reason for having it it amounts to the same thing; almost. Anyway I could no longer get a vein, I was asking my neighbor to inject me in my neck so it’s long over due that I stopped.

I found a new artist who has allot of talent,His Name is David Anthony Magitis, perhaps not as much feeling as Fabio but interesting all the same. Below is an example – appropriate don’t you think?

baby syringe

I just couldn’t resist adding a couple more – he is a very prolific artist, as you will see from his web site. This one below is currently on eBay at a very low starting bid of $20 and as he resides in the UK postage isn’t a big issue, for me anyway.

goth angels

One final one for today but before I go I have been working on my web sites the hosting company ones cyb3r hosts
I’ve almost finished the Dot Net site and even managed to put a Java link in the Supesite.  I have still got to put the fantastic hosting prices up but it’s looking cool so far. I’m going to offer to install WordPress scripts and content management scripts for free and give away a free domain name with every yearly account. I have also started work on the Plymouth Pride Forum’s new web site…..busy busy busy… and all this DESPITE an addiction.


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Time to work hard on my web sites

September 12, 2007 at 11:30 pm (Daily Life)

It’s long overdue, I’ve had a week off not doing an awful lot. I had a meeting with the Plymouth Pride Forum committee who agreed to employ me to design and host their new site. So that’s one thing but I have so much more of my own work to do in the next few weeks. I’m really please that my local H dealer has decided to stop serving which means it would be a big problem for me to score so I won’t bother.

I didn’t win Fabio’s painting – I went up to £75 but it ended up going for £125!!! just goes to show how much in demand he is getting. soon the Universities and collages will be back in the UK; which means that the Internet over here is going to go crazy again – can’t wait. Whilst scouring eBay I found a new widget you can install on to your web site advertising the items you have for sale…. a good idea for those who can’t code for themselves and great for eBay who get free advertising on other web sites. I was going to include a copy here but it seams that there is a bug or a conflict between it and WordPress! Heres a link instead

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Internet Diazepam!

September 9, 2007 at 5:07 am (Daily Life)

I’ve had a few problems with the guy upstairs again banging on the door wanting things – namely money to buy drugs. It’s hard when your trying to stop using to have a neighbor trying to encourage you. Not that I need much encouragement! I bought 20 yellow Valium on Friday night…they’re Internet ones, so are very unpredictable. These ones just make you sleep just one 5ml which is what these are, will knock you out. so I haven’t been awake much over the last couple of days…what a fucking waist of life.

Anyway the guy upstairs gets a large loan from the social next week so wont be bothering me. When he does I usually don’t answer the door. letting him bang away. He always wants something, never comes round for a chat not that I would let him in because he always steals from me… without exception.

On a lighter note – I bought some domains they are:


I intend to use then as I build up my portfolio of web sites. I am just about to go and get another to do with Christmas for the gift shop.

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September 5, 2007 at 9:49 pm (Daily Life)

I have just finished watching a program on BBC 4 called Consenting Adults. This was a drama about The Wolfenden Committee who produced a report which ultimately lead to the relaxation of law surrounding homosexuality. The law in England and Wales changed in 1967 to allow men aged 21 (consenting adults) to have sex in private and behind closed doors. The law has only just changed to include men aged 16.

When I first came out and had sex I was breaking the law because I was 17 and the law said it was illegal until I was 21! I remember having to lie about my age. It turned out quite amusing for me because I ended up having two 21st birthday parties because of this law. One for my friends and one, a year later, for my family. For some though, it meant going to prison. In allot of ways it is similar to the laws on using drugs. I mean, if I wish to use – as long as I’m not encouraging others to do the same, then this decision should be mine. There are far too many laws in this country….laws which don’t work, laws that people take NO notice of.

Fuck off PC – stop crashing… I had to reinstall XP this morning – lost all settings and still it plays up! I have been using but that isn’t making the fucking pc crash. Aaaaaaggggghhh. I am geting sooo close to the edge  – not a gouch more like an OD!!!!

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Thumbs up for Fabio

September 4, 2007 at 8:45 am (Uncategorized)

He has to by my favorite artist for 2007. Below is a painting I’m bidding on…Most of his art has images of hearts on – this is because his daughter recently underwent quite a few operations to correct a faulty heart valve. He portrays so much emotion.

fabio's art

No I didn’t win the PC on ebay and I am pleased because after I bid I read their feedback and some of it wasn’t good. Haven’t slept yet! Getting tired now.

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I Won Big Eyes

September 4, 2007 at 3:45 am (Uncategorized)

I did. I won the painting by Serhan & Murat  on ebay – the one I call “big eyes” –  in fact the name for the painting is “Longing” I love it. I had to pay £49 + postage from Turkey but well worth it. I am HAPPY… It’s an oil painting on stretched canvas. YEEES.

I used today – oh dear… but I saw that one coming. I had money again and it was the first thing I did after putting petrol in the car to get there. I slept most of the early evening or would you call it gouching out.  I posted all the parcels for ebay and got electric etc, etc… I am not totally out of control then. I may have also bought a new PC on ebay too lets just wait and see.


Talked to the loverly Grant…It was his 19th Birthday today. He said he wants to see a pic of my cock but I can’t see that happening too soon – yes I admit it Grant I have seen yours but you are young, good looking and sex mad. I’m a mere junkie. LOL!!!  I downloaded some Emo pics because Grant is Emo and installed them on Messenger one at a time as I was texting him .

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